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About Us

The practice was established in 1998 as a one man effort (cleaner, driver, doctor, groomer, surgeon and assistant all rolled into one !!). Hard work and the recognition and love from patients and their owners have brought us to where we are today – a three storey, multi facility unit , open 24 hours a day, with a 9 man strong staff that provides almost every service required for a pet animal.

Dr. Angela B. Lobo graduated from G.P.U.A.&T. ; a premier institute in its time; in 1993 and did a masters programme in Surgery from Chennai(T.AN.U.V.A.S.). A gold medalist in both programs she has been recognized as a woman who has contributed to Vadodara’s growth.

It is our aim to provide every service under one roof as we understand the difficulties of running from one diagnostic facility to another with a sick and sometimes un co-operative pet. Therefore we do basic treatment , advanced surgeries, blood transfusions and chemotherapy; X rays and sonographies; blood testing that is on vet specific machines that give accurate and immediate results making treatment easier and better. Recognizing the need for critical care we have an in patient facility that is manned 24 hours and also an ambulance for emergencies. Medicines and animal specific remedies are also available.

Grooming and bathing has never been our forte but we are working on providing a top class spa section where the pet can walk out even more beautiful than before.

Our current work under progress is the physiotherapy centre where we will be able to provide a swimming pool. The treadmill and other apparatus for rehabilitation already exist. Digitizing the X ray unit and making the theatre a state of the art operating facility is next on the list.

We have recently dedicated an entire floor to a first class one stop pet shop for pets of all kinds and things that any of them might need. Information and advice on how to bring up your pet for first timers can be found in books that can be read or bought; else we take great joy in meeting new people and pets and imparting information. We also design and do home installations on order for aquaria and aviaries.

The hostel is a spacious 1700 sq foot area that is air conditioned and has the provision for individual accommodation in home like conditions. Here the dogs are groomed everyday and exercised 5 times in the day. Feeding is according to the owners specifications. As it is vet monitored the animals are kept in a hygienic and healthy environment.

The entire facility is monitored by close circuit television which makes monitoring and quality control better.

Every day is a challenge and we are always learning from almost every owner and pet. We are in a constant quest to improve or add missing facilities. The best part is that we get to work with what we love on a daily basis and that joy reflects in our service.

We offer every single pet related service from diagnostics to treatment from acquiring to training your pet. It has been our dream to provide a one stop facility with everything your pet might require under one roof. We are the only hospital open and staffed 24 hours for an emergency. You could do all of the below in one stop

  • Breed / pet advice and information
  • Buying the pet
  • Vaccination and deworming
  • Food and new pet essentials
  • Training and exercising options
  • Treatment and surgery if required
  • Pharmacy for pet medicines
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Kennel facilities during vacations
  • Breeding advice
  • On site treatment and ambulance in an emergency

We are growing and every new pet and owner is a learning experience. Our experienced staff is very animal friendly and your pet’s needs will be attended to with fun and love.