Quality Care for Your Pets




We handle all forms of medical attention ranging from wounds, burns accidents, skin and tick problems, antibiotic therapy, fluid therapy and routine deworming and vaccinations. We also handle cancer treatment, diabetic patients , blood transfusions and snake bites. Dental scaling ECG and critical care units available. Reproductive treatment and diagnosis in infertile pets possible Most veterinary medicines also available.


Emergencies like C sections, dilatation and volvulus and trauma. Routine spaying, ear heamatomas, pyometra and abscesses. Specialized orthopedic surgery and cataract extraction X ray and sonography- in house and immediate diagnosis of broken limbs or pregnancies at reasonable rates.

Blood Testing

For infections and organ function makes disease diagnosis immediate and accurate Physiotherapy-special apparatus to promote rehabilitation and correct malformed limbs. Exercises and hydrotherapy available.

In-Patient Facility

24 hour monitored treatment with special attention to love and care. Pre and post anaesthetic / surgery recovery.


24 hours available for heavy or problematic animals. Assistance with dog catching and restraint. Treatment available on site if required.